On 20 June (World Refugee Day), the United Nations calls for attention for the courage, power and perseverance of women, men and children who leave their country to avoid prosecution, war and violence. They migrate to countries where they try to build a new home and contribute to the new society.

‘Seeking home in a strange land’ combines personal stories about origin and arrival. How migration, letting go and feeling home influences ones personal life and work.

Editors: Sietske Dijkstra, Lia van Doorn, James Clement van Pelt
Authors: Sietske Dijkstra, Halleh Ghorashi, Walter Gulick, Bea Lalmahomed, Katie Lee Weille, Mick Matthys, Anita Nanhoe, Jeanine Suurmond en James Clement van Pelt
Pages: 272
Price: € 28,50
Publisher: Stili Novi Publishing